soft city

As a native New Yorker, the artist created this series of works to represent her personal take on the city, revealing its soft side, with unexpected visual treats lurking around every corner. Once Gotham’s hard unyielding surfaces are peeled back, the beautiful and complex patina of each facade is illuminated. These mixed media works represent a fusion of past and present. Ancient needlework techniques are combined with digitally manipulated photography and inkjet printing to create works of art that reflect contemporary aesthetic sensibilities. The presence of the hand stitching both animates the surfaces of the works and, at the same time, softens and humanizes the urban geometry by the irregular qualities of texture inherent in the materials and construction. 

Note: Works in this series may be purchased directly from this website by clicking here. A full color catalog, which includes an insightful essay about the work by Ed McCormack, is available at

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