These mixed media works are inspired by the natural world. They are created by printing my digitally manipulated photographs on fabric, adding a layer of depth and animation to the surfaces by hand quilting with silk thread. The works find resonance in the scientific theory of Complexity.

“As we begin to understand complex systems, we begin to understand that we’re part of an ever-changing, interlocking, non-linear, kaleidoscopic world…….The elements always stay the same, yet they’re always re-arranging themselves. So its like a kaleidoscope: the world is a matter of patterns that change, that partly repeat, but never quite repeat, that are always new and different.” ....William Bryan Arthur, Director of the Santa Fe Institute

Note: Works in this series may be purchased directly from this website by clicking here. A full color catalog, which includes an insightful essay about the work by Ed McCormack, is available at

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